New Website Under Construction

date: 9th September 2013
summary: Spring clean doesnt mean just sorting out your garage!
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Well as you can see, my 4WDING website has a whole new look. The old site was getting a little old and tired, and lots of the functionality had actually stopped working!

I have spent the last couple of weeks putting together quite a modern looking theme, and also built in some nice new functionality behind the scenes. Not least of these new features is the multiple map information that some of my trip reports will be already showing. And coming soon there will even be the ability to track my trips LIVE using the GPS tracking device I have installed in the car from, so look out for that coming soon on the main page.

There may be some small teething problems with the new site which I will sort out as quick as possible, but just email me if you think there are things that are broken or even (although this is unlikely) be improved!

Another great innovation I have added to the site is embeded video links for all the new footage I'm going to be generating with my new camera. But until I master that, I have added a few links to some of my old videos on Vimeo, see bellow for details.

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