FJCC NSW Meeting at Colo

summary: HooRoo Rod organised this trip, and I went along with 'nadvans' to see if the track was as scary as advertised!
date: 15 September 2013
region: Blue Mountains - Colo
distance: Not many!
duration: 1 day
people: Graham, Rod, Boris, Igor
views: 1934

Day 1 - Saturday

After getting the usual weekend chores out of the way, I packed up YASI and headed up to the Richmond area for a bit of R&R. I reached the Colo area around 1:30pm and did a bit of touring around to see what the region had to offer. I passed through the Wheeny Creek camp area, which looks ok, and then on to the Upper Colo camping area. It was packed! So definitely not the best place to go when the weather was good.

I then headed back to a small fire trail that I'd checked out previously and found a nice flat camp site that was quite where I was unlikely to be impacted by passers by. An hour or so later, I found out I was wrong. A young man in a Hilux along with his girlfriend came past. We had a quick chat and they went on their way, heading to the end of the track (500m) and back. After nearly an hour passed, the came walking up to my camp and asked very kindly if I could help pull them out of a bad situation! FJ to the rescue as always :)

Day 2 - Sunday

I rose to a beautiful morning with the sky clear and the birds singing - if only they could have waited past 6:00am!!

I head out to the top of the power lines and found out that Boris was camped just down the road. Timing was impecable as Rod turned up just as I was heading down 'Gees Arm South' road - the infamous track of the upper colo region.

After exchanging stories for a while at camp, the four of us jumped into our FJ's and headed down the trail.

Words can not really explain what happened next. Needless to say, the track really did live up to its reputation!

Not far down the track, you reach the first of many serious obstacles. This one was a rugged rocky ledged area that had several possible tracks to follow, but everyone of them seriously difficult.

After making it through this section, the challenges got successively more difficult! At one of the most difficult sections, even Rod in his tank needed a couple of attempts before getting up and being the towing vehicle for Boris, and then for me too.

However, after nearly three hours we finally managed to acheive the goal of getting to the end of the track! I am sure this success is something that is not shared with most parties that head out along this track!

A nice lunch was had looking down into the valley before we turned around and started all over again in the reverse direction...

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