Nowra Zoo

summary: I havent been to Nowra Zoo for 25 years, so we decided to go see if its changed.
date: 27th December 2013
region: Nowra, South Coast NSW
distance: 120 kms
tags: FAMILY - BLOG - 2013
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Name Change

Turns out the only thing that had really changed was its name! Now known as "The Shoahaven Zoo" its pretty much the same as always. Pretty small layout, which is easy to walk around. Some interesting animals, although some of the cages may need a little work.

So despite the pretty poor traffic conditions, we had a great day!

Driving down there in the morning took about an extra 30 minutes due to traffic. Coming home, the traffic jam on the other side of the road had extended from Gerringong to Swap Road - about 20 kms!!

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