New Years Camping at Meroo Lake

summary: We started this ritual last year, bush camping at Meroo Lake to see in the new year.
date: 30th December 2013 - 01 January 2014
region: Termeil, South Coast NSW
distance: 300 kms
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Happy New Year

Last year we headed down to Meroo Lake for a night of camping over NYE and we had so much fun we decided to do it again.

There is a National Parks camping site right down near the beach, but this gets soooo busy that you can barely drive a car down the track to the camping area. The campsites down there are good when quiet, but crazy packed on NYE. So we've found a spot on one of the bush tracks to lay down our swags that keeps us miles away from the busy, frustrating, annoying other people!

And since we are still pretty close to the beach, and all the towns around, we still had plenty of things to do.

During NYE day, we did a bit of touring around through Murramarang National Park to start with, and then on to Shallow Crossing to rinse off some dust. Then continued down to Batemans Bay for a lovely lunch of fish and chips.

After lunch we went up to Depot Beach to check out the Kangaroos, and have a swim in the pristine water. We were lucky again with the crowds and got to swim just before the cool change came through. There is also a nice little rainforest bush walk there which we traversed to stretch our legs before heading back to camp.

The night of NYE was pretty quiet with a nice dinner and then early to bed! Last year we got to see some fireworks through the trees at Ulladulla, but there was nothing this year.

On the first day of 2014 we headed home. We took some back roads up to Millton to avoid the usual traffic snarls coming into Ulladulla.

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