2015 Nepal - Everest Base Camp and Island Peak

plan: Original plan this trip is based off
Trip Start: 17 Sep 2015
Trip Finish: 22 Oct 2015
summary: In September and October 2015, I finally made it to Nepal where I met up with a couple of friends to explore the amazing Khumbu region and beyond.
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Finally Heading To Nepal

I missed out on a great trip to the Annapurna region in 2010, so when I was presented with the opportunity of getting to Nepal in 2015, I jumped at the idea. Originally thinking about a trip early in the year, we decided due to fitness, to push out to later in the year. This was so lucky for us as the big Nepal earthquake would have hit right in the middle of our trip.

With the country rebuilding, and needing tourists to keep visiting, we decided to push on with our trip in September/October 2015. The plan was for me to go over first and walk from Jiri to Lukla, where I would meet up with Kelly and Edwin, and the three of us would then head off for Everest Base Camp and Island Peak.

So with the plan in place, the journey began.

Kathmandu - 18-22 September

I wasnt really prepared for Kathmandu. I hadnt been thinking about what the city was going to be like, as I had spent all my effort thinking about the hiking coming up.

Kathmandu was a very busy, dirty, hot and humid city. I was staying in Thamel which is the main tourist area, but there were far more locals than tourists when I arrived. It took some time to learn how to get around, but once I had my bearings I was able to wander the streets, AND still find my way back to my hotel!

While I was in Kathmandu, I arranged a new SIM card for my phone to give me local calls and data while on the hike. This worked ok, but in future making use of the wi-fi out on the trail might be better, or buying a local phone that works with more of the local network frequencies. We often saw phone towers close by, but had no signal on our phones.

I also touched base with our coordinator for the Island Peak section of the trip, Shanker was his name. Edwin had done all the planning for this, and the permits etc. were to be organised and ready to go - almost. I ended up having to leave without any permits...

I also needed to organise transport to Jiri, which I should have been able to do at Ratna park. My plan was to catch the local bus, as the guide book says these go every day. They dont anymore. And after trying to find the right place to book the bus, I ended up organising a car from my hotel - which at $100USD turned out to be money well spent!

JIRI - LUKLA - 23-28 September

LUKLA - EVEREST BASE CAMP - 29 September - 7 October

ISLAND PEAK - 8-12 October

TREK HOME - 13-21 October

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