2018 Climbing Kosciuszko

destination: Mount Kosciuszko
date: January 1 2018
summary: After many years of hiking, and a false start last year, I finally get a chance to walk to the top of our country
distance: 20kms
views: 2076

Last year I tried to climb Kosi, but the weather turned me away. This year, I was determined to get it done - and fortunately the weather was perfect!

I chose to walk the Main Range trail which is the longer of the options, but takes in all the amazing views from the top of the country. I was surprised at the number of people at the summit, most of which came from the Thredbo chairlift - but a good number of people that had made the hard walk too.

So overall, the walk was much better than I expected, the views were incredible, cant wait to do it at some other times of the year to see how things change in the cooler months (no not winter!).

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