2018 Kiama to Gerringong

Date: 19 January 2018
region: Kiama and Gerringong
distance: 11.5kms
summary: Knew that this track was here but never tried it out - my loss really its great and just 15 minutes from my house!
tags: HIKE - REPORT - KIAMA - HOME - 2018
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In 2009 the local council aquired the land along the coast to build this amazing walking trail. The track actually runs from Shellharbour down past Gerringong. I think its 20+ kms in total.

Today I decided to try out the section between Kiama and Gerringong. There is a nice car park at either end of this trail, and a toilet and with a length of only 6kms it can be done one way in a coupld of hours quite easily. I did the return trip in three hours, stopping to take pictures.

Not just a walking trail, this would make a great trail running track too - and its dog friendly!

I had the tracker going, and here is the link to Strava details: STRAVA

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