2018 - DJI Mavic Air

summary: Drone upgrade time! Time to trade in the Mavic Pro and step up to the new Mavic Air
date: January 2018
tags: BLOG - MAVIC - DJI - 2018
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My first experience into drone owning didnt go so well with the Hexo+. Last year I stepped up to the professional DJI Mavic Pro, but now the new Mavic Air has just been released, I couldnt wait to upgrade.

The big difference between the Pro and the Air is the size. The Air is about half the size of the Pro but still packs in all the features, and better video quality in a tiny little package! I havent had too much time with it outside yet, but the testing I have done certainly shows that it is a very capable little drone.

There are also improvements from the Pro! Yes even in such a small packages, new features including the Advanced Obstacle Avoidance system where the drone will actually move around obstacles rather than just stop. It has sensors front, bottom and rear now for better safety. There are some new shooting modes including a cool boomerang mode, and an interesting asteroid mode.

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