2019 Warrumbungles Adventure - in TREVOR

Date: 25 September 2019
region: Warrumbungles
summary: Have been building Trevor for the last few months, now I have an opportunity to test him out!
distance: 1500kms
views: 1383


After spending many busy weekends building Trevor the van, it was finally time to get him out on the road. And with Jack heading off to Vietnam for a week, it gave me a great opportunity to get out of town.

So after dropping Jack off at the airport, with his school group, I set off for my first destination - Clovelly Beach.

I love this place because it has a large carpark that looks over the ocean - and its FREE parking! Not many places along the coast like that. I didn't have a huge amount of time here, but enough for a swim, relax and some lunch.

I then headed north through the city as I was going to spend the night at Belindas in Brandy Hill. I really wanted to head over the harbour bridge, but I took a wrong turn and ended up in the tunnel - as always! But the drive north was uneventful, and I arrived a little late, but not too bad - Trevor was performing well!

We went out to Raymond Terrace for a lovely family dinner at the pub - and to see an amazing sunset.


But it was going to be an early night, as Belinda, Bronte and myself were getting up before dawn so we could get to the top of Mount Tomaree for sunrise - a plan we made two years ago!

So off we went in the dark climbing this mountain which was an hours drive from home. And the view did not disappoint! What a great reason to get up earl! Next time, we'll park at the bottom in Trevor and save us the hour drive!!

Of course getting up at 4am can cause all sorts of issues, this time it meant I forgot my bag of clothes at home - I was planning on heading north from here. So Tony was kind enough to meet us at Raymond Terrace on his way to work with my bag so I could then continue North towards Myall Lakes.

Myall Lakes

I found my way to Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest for lunch, and what a beautiful part of the world this is!! I found a secluded spot to park Trevor for morning tea, where I boiled the kettle for the first time! Yes the FIRST time, I haven tested anything - other than the fridge!!

After having tea, and beautiful cake that I bought from Tea Gardens, I headed up into the main Myall Lakes area. I spent some time investigating the area before deciding that I would stop early today and pitch camp at Mungo Brush camp ground. It was close enough to the lake, and protected from the wind that had got up. It was also very quiet and a great place to test out the rest of Trevor's features!

Good news was that everything worked well, the stereo, the kitchen, the TV into the night - very happy camper!


It was an early start the next morning, as its a long drive to The Warrumbungles from here. The drive was punctuated by many sets of road works which slowed things down a lot. But I did eventually drive through Coonabarabran, and started to see the Warrumbungle mountain ranges - which were amazing! Far more spectacular than I was expecting! I arrived at the main visitors centre at 4:30pm, half an hour after closing time! After working out what needed to be done, I set off to the camping area, and found a camp site on the edge of the area, with views of the mountains - and the Kangaroos!

The camp ground is excellent, with lots of room, and with hot showers! And all for the low price of $6 per night!

The first night here was amazing, watching the sun slowly set in the west, all the campers come out with their cameras taking selfies - and watching the Kangaroos. Then later in the evening, the stars coming out to fill the skies. It was a very relaxing evening.

The next morning, I was up early - not pre-dawn! And I set off for the main hiking area, the Grand High Tops and Breadknife area. I walked to the start from camp, via the visitors centre which was now open.

The first half of this walk was very well maintained, there was paved paths, lovely bridges and steps climbing up the mountain. It was a great walk to the top though, not too difficult and taking a bit over two hours. Views from here though were amazing!

The following day, I didn't want to work too hard - so I went out and walked the next hardest trail in the area - the Belougery Split Rock - I thought it was an hours work - the sign said 4!

It was hotter today so the hike was quite difficult, and getting to the top of the trail there is a gate informing you of how dangerous the last section is! It was a bit sketchy but there was foot holds, and posts in the rock. Anyway, the climb was worth it, as the views from the top were better than yesterdays! Full 360 degree views of the entire Warrumbungle area.

After the hike, I set off to check out Siding Spring - which is where all the telescopes are. I must say, they could do with some better signage at the site - I almost missed the opportunity to actually check out the telescope. Fortunately, I did get into the building - and wow! Its HUGE!

After checking out the stars, I went out to Coonabarabran for an ice cream and to checkout the town - I found a beautiful park with a running river! And the town dump point - might be useful one day.

My final full day in the park was to be a rest day - but I couldn't help heading off to checkout the Old Woolshed track (and I felt I needed to charge the batteries - with Trevor parked in the shade, and not having an external panel). Anyway, the walk was average, but once again the views were amazing!


And of course after a great week of holiday - I had to head home finally. Leaving camp at 7:30am, I finally got home at 4:30pm - but I took it pretty easy.

I had a fantastic time away, and the whole VAN experiment has certainly paid off. I loved every minute of being in Trevor, and can't wait to have another opportunity - perhaps Christmas time??

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