2020 Vanlife Gathering Crescent Head

summary: My first Vanlife Gathering! What a beauty!
start: Wednesday 26th of February
last entry: Monday 2nd of March
distance: 1172 kms
location: Port Macquarie, Crescent Head, Seal Rocks
views: 1072


Another well deserved trip in Trevor! Life had been very busy, and last year I had missed out on a Vanlife gathering near Newcastle due to a clutch problem, this time I was determined to participate!

This gathering was further north at Crescent head, so there was a little more distance to cover before getting there. I set off initially towards Dads place, because I was also going to help move some of his gear up to Newcastle prior to his relocation. So Trevor got packed to the rafters with model planes, and I was off!

Travelling to Belindas was easy enough, and on arrival everyone helped unload Trevor into the garage.

The following morning, I packed up my things and headed to Nelson Bay. I needed to visit the National Parks office to reissue Trevors parks pass, since he has new number plates now. Its a complicated business, but only a few offices can do the reissue...Anyway, hadnt visited Nelson Bay for years so it was nice to see it again.

That done, I was off North! Destination for tonight was going to be Port Macquarie. I wasnt too sure how busy things would be, and I hadnt booked anything but figured thats why I had a van!

When I arrived though, the main caravan park had plenty of room and so I book a site which was right down the end out of the way, and close to the water!

It was a great location, and having arrived early afternoon I had plenty of time to wander about and go for a swim.

Of course the night in Trevor was perfect!


The next day it was off to Crescent Head. The gathering notice said to arrive after 10am. So I arrived at 10am! The drive from Port Macquaire was not long, and after a coffee break along the way, I arrived at Waves Campground nice and early.

It was a little daunting arriving there not knowning what to expect, and with a large group of people hanging about the office, I pressed through the anxiety and into the office. Of course, everyone was lovely, and the gathering of people were mostly staff, that I then helped to take a group photo of.

I was then shown to a campsite, I had a choice of either in the middle of the action, or on the fringe - I chose the fringe! Great little spot with a grassy section for my blanket, easy access to the showers, and to the beach!

This location was amazing. I quickly set up camp and then headed to the beach to check things out.

Later in the afternoon there was a meeting where everyone came together and we talked about how the event would run. There were many different things we could do, or we could do nothing!

Over the next couple of days I participated in a number of activities, talking, learning, listening. Everyone was very friendly, easy to talk to and all with their own amazing stories.

I had an amazing time, making new friends and enjoying a couple of very easy, relaxing days.


Heading home I had decided to visit Seal Rocks which is south of Forster. Arriving there driving down the hill with the oceans views, amazing! What a beautiful location. I once again checked into the local campground, parked Trevor up for the night and went for a swim!

Unfortunately though, good things have to end. The next day I packed up and headed back towards Sydney. I did have enough time to stop at Clovelly for the day though, before eventually continuing back home.



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